The Brazos Regional Public Utility Agency was created on January 5, 2012, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 422, Texas Local Government Code, Public Utility Agencies for Provision of Water or Sewer Service. The Agency was organized to achieve economies of scale in providing essential water systems to the public, through the ownership and operation of a water treatment plant and related facilities. The organizing sponsors are Acton Municipal Utility District (AMUD) and Johnson County Special Utility District (JCSUD). The Agency meets the criteria of a joint venture between the sponsors with an ongoing financial responsibility.

The two Districts directly serve approximately 22,000 customers. Both Districts provide wholesale water to other municipalities. The Agency has one water treatment facility with a current total rated production capacity of 13 million gallons a day. The plant consists of a traditional filtered water operation and an Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis operation. The plant receives raw water through one intake located on Lake Granbury, which is fed by the Brazos River.

The Board of Directors of the Agency consists of five members that are appointed by the sponsors and serve staggered two-year terms. Initially, JCSUD appointed three of the members and AMUD appointed two. Every two years hereafter the sponsors will alternate as to which one appoints three members and which one appoints two.